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Avon, IN Tree Removal Service
Avon Tree Removal
We'll safely and efficiently remove your trees with the best equipment and high level of expertise in Avon!
Land Clearing Service in Avon, IN
Avon Land Clearing
Our tree technicians take out lots of all sizes safely, competently and on time every time.
Tree Pruning Service in Avon, IN
Avon Tree Trimming
Perilous branches are gone before you know it when you have our reliable tree trimming professionals do the job!
Stump Grinding in Avon, IN
Avon Stump Removal
Hideous and hazardous stumps will be efficiently removed from your land by our reliable and experienced tree technicians.
Avon, IN Tree Planting Professionals
Avon Tree Planting
Have the arborists at our tree company plant new, gorgeous trees on your property!
Tree Spraying in Avon, Indiana
Avon Tree Spraying
Caring for your trees on routine basis guarantees longevity. Our pro arborists will perform tree spraying services to keep them in perfect health.

Avon’s Most Certified Tree Service Company

As Avon, Indiana’s leading tree company, we perform a full range of tree services with expert skill! We employ a staff of highly trained and certified arborists who have experience in all types of tree care, from the simplest to the most difficult. Our reputation comes as a result of our expertise and dedication to exceptional customer care. We’ll work with your specific needs in mind to keep your residential and commercial trees clean and in great condition! Our full range of services includes:

We pride ourselves on delivering professional results that our customers have come to expect. With top-notch customer care and a breadth of knowledge, we’re even able to respond to emergency situations! Day or night, our experts are on call 24-hours a day to relieve you of any tree-related emergencies that occur.

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Contact us today for more information on our tree services. We’ll get you started with a 100% free, zero-risk estimate! Our experts are available at (317) 759-2577, by email at, or by filling out the form on this website.

Our tree company can be found in Avon, greater Indianapolis, and in nearby areas, including New Palestine, Brownsburg, Greenwood, Mooresville, Speedway, Lawrence, Clermont, Cumberland and more.

We operate in Avon zip code 46123, as well as in neighboring area zip codes, including: 46112, 46142, 46143, 46158, 46201-46209, 46216-46231, 46211, 46214, 46234-46237, 46239-46242, 46244, 46247, 46249-46251, and 46253-46256.